Sunday, January 29, 2012

We should have a written contract

by okie from tulsa

Let's talk about what a written contract is. that's a easy one for us,oh yea we don't have one,at least not at con-way 'yet 'but wait our CEO has one and all his buddies and their buddies. so why can't we have one? after all,we all know what defines a written contract and that is how it's written. contracts have certain rules and obligations, and that works both ways. but companies don't want us to have one because they do not want to abide by it. the reasons are if they want to cut our wages,benefits or terminate without just 'cause they can, where does that take us? that's easy there definition of "right to work" now with a contract we will have true "right to work" it's up to us the workers, the company cannot take collective bargaining from us.NOW WE ALL KNOW WHAT RIGHT TO WORK MEANS AND THAT IS COLLECTIVE BARGAINING,VOTE YES FOR COLLECTIVE BARGAINING. GO TEAMSTERS.TEAMSTERS TO WIN.      


The story of a conway driver. said...

If we all stick together we can win and show the rest of the freight companys that Corporate greed is dead and get the benifits we deserve and a pension and free medical.And most important not have to work like slaves and be worried about getting fired or as Conway would label it"stealing company time".No more Harrasments..

mother jones said...

"collective bargaining" is the process through which employees band together to form a union and negotiate a contract with their boss that lays out certain employment conditions, including things like salaries, benefits, vacation time, work hours, safety conditions and grievance procedures.
Unions are democratic institutions.leadership is elected by members. Like democratic nations, unions are guided by constitutions that were drafted and ratified by their members. The constitutions formalize policies to govern how a union operates, detailing everything from leadership compensation to processes for settling internal disagreements.
Let’s remember that capitalism is designed to eventually consume itself and as we close in on that end, the only way the big corporations can maximize is to sacrifice those who produce for them — the workers.
“Thirty years ago 13,000 fellow controllers; stood up for a principal. they stood up for better work rules, pay and safety. Thirty years ago, they stood up for each and every American working man and woman.
In the past thirty years, we have seen the continuing erosion of pay, benefits and working conditions. We’ve seen the continued use of the bankruptcy code to strip away any gains that employees have fought to get back in the collective bargaining process. We now live in a time when the average corporate CEO makes four hundred times what their employee makes.
And they want more. They want you to work more. They want you to give up your health care. They want you to do it for even less.”they want it all.
This is our moment. We need to fight back there’s nothing left to lose.
United we bargain, divided we beg