Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hypocrisy in Safety

Don Anderson is a man that failed as a driver and as a dock worker. He didn't have the work ethic to make it in either position. Lazy and not worried about safety. He used to use a radar detector in his tractor. That's the type f man he is. After not cutting it, he somehow ended up with a management position. Now, he's been pushing hard on the surveillance cameras that go in the tractors. Disguised under the false pretense of safety. It's nothing more than a tool to intimidate the drivers to up production and to invade their private conversations. He has been going around warning drivers that they will use the cameras and begin to terminate drivers. What could be safer than a driver that is worried about everything but controlling the vehicle properly? Drivers will be penalized for not shifting right, letting the RPMs go to high or for speed. A safe driver should feel comfortable doing his work and not be worried about everything under the sun that Conway can use to terminate them. Don Anderson stands for everything Conway is. Disgraceful, Hypocritical, and Unethical.