Sunday, April 5, 2020

Just the Facts

“For those of you who are still against the union, know this...XPO offered to let us all go 100 hours negative on our PTO accumulation. Should we have to use that, AND pay it back, it means an entire year without a day off and / or 18 months before we could take a weeks vacation. Wow! At contract negotiations in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, Teamster business agents proposed a 2 week paid sick leave for all certified barns. The company flat out rejected this proposal and re proposed the 100 negative hours. After a short time, the company reconsidered their position and accepted the unions proposal, HOWEVER, they were smart enough to realize that accepting this proposal for union barns only, would only strengthen the union drive throughout the system. So they extended this policy company wide. So, for all you non union terminals, bend the knee and thank the Teamsters for getting you what the company would never have given you. Just the facts, sir.”