Monday, September 29, 2014

Laredo Manager Butcher's Spanish and Union Facts

Conway is claiming they will file charges against the Teamsters for vandalism and intimidating employees to vote the union in. The Teamsters didn't come looking for us, we went looking for them. The only intimidation done was on Conway's part, they're the ones that should be staring down those charges. They are also getting petty about the voting process, saying that ballots were put into a cardboard box that was too small. They said that the vote was 55-53 when it was 55-49. Just tactics they are using to try and send a message to the rest of the terminals. They've been spreading the same old tired lie about Conway eastern (PYX penn yan express) being closed down because of the union. That is illegal, so that's not the reason that it closed. In fact, they like to say that the Teamsters are the reason for the closure of hundreds of carriers since the 80's. When in fact, it has been proven that deregulation of the trucking industry was the driving force behind that. Of course, the union busters won't say that. Conway should also be held accountable for trying to bribe the workers in Laredo by offering them a raise if they had voted the union down. They said they had found $40 million lying around and were going to give them a raise. Now, they are claiming they have $60 million available. These are obviously lies as that money has always been there. Even if they did hand out raises, without a contract they would just steal it back when they feel like it, just like our vacations.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Union Buster Lupe Cruz from Cruz and Associates

Lupe Cruz the Union Buster who is busy trying to convince us at Conway why we don't need a union, that all they want is our money. That we have to adhere to the Teamsters Constitution, that it states that we will have to go on strike if the Teamsters demand it! That's all bullshit! We know that we have to vote on going on strike, We know that everything that the union dues for it's members is voted on by the membership.
 Lupe Cruz is too busy trying to convince us to not vote for the union and when asked about our issues all he said is that he doesn't work for the company!
 Lupe Cruz is not there for us, he doesn't care anything about us!  All he cares about is the money he is going to make, win or lose he will make the same amount of money because Lupe Cruz has a CONTRACT with Conway! Something Conway is fighting tooth and nail not to give us
Lupe Cruz's firm last year made $2,740,053.00 !!   All that money convincing workers throughout this country not to vote union, not to vote for a better future for their families, not to vote for better health coverage and job security! All the while Lupe Cruz's and his family benefited from his salary of $650,161.00 !!

Lupe Cruz will lie and cheat for us to vote no, he will tell us to that Conway is better without a union while he lines his pockets with money that should have went to us instead of him!
Don't believe what this union busting scum has to say, we have to think about our families and our future!

Lupe Cruz is only worried about winning the fight against the Teamsters, he said that last night. All Lupe Cruz is worried about is looking good for his next client!!

                                                       VOTE YES! VOTE YES! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Union Busters set Camp

Okay brothers… the war has started! Union busters are setting up their headquarters at ULX. Prepare yourself, take notes and write down everything they say. Lie and fear tactics are the weapons they will use to discourage you.  Keep checking this blog; we will be posting every lie here
Union busting is a multi-million dollar industry to take away your rights, they also call themselves “union avoidance”   their goal is to take away the chance to vote for union representation. They will be holding captive meetings, forcing employees into one on one meeting with supervisors. This union busters and Conway management will break the law using fear and coercion to discourage you from voting "YES" to form a union.    

Monday, September 22, 2014

Election Date

We are happy to announce three terminals in SoCal: Ulx, Ula and Ufv will be voting October 23rd! We will also be announcing four terminals that will be petitioning soon after. If you are interested in connecting with us regarding organizing your group, leave your information. Don’t worry, your information goes directly to us and it won’t be posted.

Oct 23rd for all 3 terminals
Times in the sanfernando(ufv)and Vernon(ulx)
5am -10am
4pm -10pm

Santa Fe springs(ula)

Friday, September 12, 2014


Teamsters Score a major Victory in Laredo, TX. Congratulations to Conway employees in Laredo Who voted for union representation

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Truth About Your Yes Vote.

Everyone here at Conway has to understand what your YES vote means.
Your YES vote is only for a chance to see what the Teamsters could negotiate in a contract for us here at Conway. After, we and the union negotiators are done negotiating with Conway then we will be able to vote on that contract. If we like what we see and agree as a union to whatever is negotiated then we will vote YES, and if we don't like whats negotiated then we vote no. Make no mistake, the company is trying to distort the truth, make up lies about a strike and place fear in us by saying that they will bring in out of state drivers to replace us. We all know that the Teamsters just can't tell us to go on strike, we have to have a 2/3 majority vote to strike. WE vote on it!
Our management is also saying that they will do anything they can to stop this organizing drive, Well it's not up to them if we want the Teamsters to represent us, That is up to us! They fear losing the power they have to fire us for any reason, they fear losing the power to do what ever they want to us without recourse. The Teamsters will represent us to the fullest extent of their power.
This morning they had a meeting with us telling us that they are giving us a raise because of the minimum wage going up in different states! Thats all LIES! They are trying to bribe us with more money to sway our vote!

TO ALL MANAGEMENT that is reading this!
You really think that by bringing us food and bribing us with more pay is going to do away with all the abusive behavior that we have endured all these years??!!  There is nothing you can do to stop this, but sure WE will eat your food, We will take more money but WE will never forget what got us to where we are today! THERE IS NOTHING you can do to stall any negotiations, there is nothing you can do to change our minds about voting YES! So Tom Clark your WASTING your time! They'll be waiting for you in California as well. YES CALIFORNIA!!  WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS FIGHT!

Stay strong and DO NOT listen to what management is telling you! They are lying and trying to place fear in all of us, but WE KNOW BETTER!

                                                      WE WILL VOTE YES!!! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Heartless Conway stealing unemployment benefits

A few months ago an older lady that had worked for Conway for several years got fired.  As you can imagine, she is struggling to make ends meet, so she goes to file unemployment.  This little bit of support will keep her going while she goes and searches for a new job. In today’s economy it’s tough to find a decent job, but at her age, doubly hard.  She is a baby boomer, a senior citizen, it could be your parent and grandparent that needed help. And what happens… HR goes and represents themselves at her unemployment hearing, and gets her denied!  They come back from the hearing arrogant and bragging, saying they never lose a case.   How do they do that, they give multiple write ups and form a paper trail; all under the disguise of re-training and re-coaching.  They don’t intend to help you, you are just a number and will be one of their “cases they never lose”!  All this documentation is there to use in court, to discredit your character, habits, decision making.  Supervisors are being pushed to write people up for anything so they can have a paper trail to use against you.  There is no faithfulness or loyalty to you, no heart for your situation. What happened to her isn’t right, and will keep happening, if we let it