Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Retaliation on Fontana Driver

Today a pro-union driver from the Fontana, CA terminal was escorted out of the premise on account that he stole company time. He was suspended last week for "sleeping" in the yard goat. According to Conway, he was inactive for over an hour, so they concluded he was asleep. He was actually working the entire time and has witnesses that can verify that. This is a misstep on Conway's behalf, this is a retaliation against the driver because he is pro-union. This should make an interesting case that will hopefully be heard by the NLRB. The company wants to put fear into the rest of us by doing this. We need to stay strong and support our brother. Bringing the union in will require a fight! The company will lie and intimidate. Just know your rights and document any abuse, any infractions. We will win this, we just need to stick together.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kicking Drivers off the Dock

Conway will now begin to force all CDL-qualified dock employees to have driving bids. The point of that is to then hire on temp workers to do all the dock work at dirt-cheap wages. They already use temps to do dock work and at some terminals even have temps be the "lead" man on the dock. This is laughable! When will it end at Conway??? The only way is to unite and get a contract. At union companies, this doesn't happen. Drivers are allowed to have dock bids. Temps at a union barn??? No way! Nothing good can come of the direction Conway wants to go with the dock operations. Claims will probably sky-rocket and safety will take a hit. Union shops are proven to be safer work environments since the turnover is slow. Employees are allowed to become experts at their crafts. Conway will keep cutting everywhere they can. We have to make a stand and organize!