Tuesday, February 27, 2018

XPO Logistics slammed with class action lawsuit to end misclassification of truck drivers at ports

XPO Unit Faces Suit in California Over Allegedly Misclassifying Drivers 

The suit claims the company is denying drivers wages and benefits by classifying them as independent contractors

A trucking subsidiary of XPO Logistics Inc. XPO +0.09% is being sued in California for allegedly denying drivers wages and benefits by misclassifying them as independent contractors instead of employees.......

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Change FedEx To Win: What is the Best Thing About Being a Teamster? Fou...

Change FedEx To Win: What is the Best Thing About Being a Teamster? Fou...:                                          
             Teamsters Local 848
             Aaron Garcia: Fontana, Ca.

Being a teamster is important because with out it you don't have excellent pay and a voice with regards to your rights for fair work place treatment.

             Juan Vera: Whittier, Ca.

For me,  Guaranteed wages and health benefits,  a good work environment,  guaranteed hours. The ability to choose what days you want to work.

             Joe Nuno: Mira Loma, Ca.

If you don’t have a union in the workplace, you don’t have guaranteed wages, health benefits or a secure pension. You are an “at-will” employee. You check your rights at the door, and your employer can fire you or change your conditions of employment at any time and for almost any reason.
There are real advantages to having a union for you as an individual and for society in general. By forming a union with your co-workers, together you will  have the strength to negotiate a legally binding contract with your employer that includes better wages, affordable health care, a secure retirement and a safer workplace.

Mike Milroy :
San Fernando Valley, Ca.

Guaranteed Security, a contract spelling out your destiny. With regards to pay, benefits, and everything that entails the business and how you fit into that business, you are safe, secure  and  covered, who wouldn’t want that? 
There is way too many company promises that will never come true because just remember “their job”depends on them lowering costs “you incur”, because then they get to  divey it up, how can they realistically worry about you when it’s “their job” on the line? 
Management wishes they could be us! trust me on this. I have had so many managers tell me they took the wrong path and envy my job. My wife has thirty years in the teachers union(UTLA) and is leaving with 100% of her pay and lifetime benefits. We  are a union family! There is way too many benefits and emotional securities to mention in this illustration . I wish I didn’t waste 25 years of my life at Fed-Ex being non-union and them constantly reminding me how lucky I was to have their stinking job. They depend on isolating and eroding your security like that, it puts “them” in the position of strength. I can’t tell you how many of my old freight buddies I see at the studios that want to leave, telling me stories of  long term friends dismissed for trivial reasons, makes me sick to my stomach and sad to hear news like that, yet happy I’m here and not there and now being the persons in the position of strength. 
Just remember you are dispensable, you will use up your usefulness and when  that happens and it “always does” it’s too late to go back and fix it. 
The next batch come along get fed the same non-sense and the pattern will continue because the young get old and expensive, we forget all our fellow employees that worked with us and disappeared, reflect back on how many are no longer there, companies depend on your  short-term memories and your own self interest taking priority.  Do you honestly think you will be able to afford benefits in the near future when the people who say they will take care of you wind up working for your competitors? Big companies could care less what happens to you! Those extra funds go directly to fund things for the top in stock options, bonuses, cars, vacations etc. Also don’t get fed  that stupid line about union dues and layoffs, all scare tactics because that’s “all they got”.  In conclusion I have been so fortunate  to have become a Teamster and would only want all of my brothers and sisters at Fed-Ex to have what we all have here,  it’s a great life. 

Good Luck to having the work future you have been working for and deserve, and earned for your families.

Mike Milroy 
Motion Picture 
Studio Teamsters local 399

Thursday, February 15, 2018

It's Good To Be A Teamster !

These tractors are on loan to our Stockton terminal. Notice that the on board camera's are covered. Since Stockton is a Teamster yard, and they are in negotiations FedEx cannot use them until a contract is in place.

Also Stockton is very busy. They have hired new drivers. Remember during the anti union campaign Fedex said if a terminal voted  for Union representaion that they would lose work and move work away from that terminal? 

Just a good example of the company's LIES and Fake News!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fifty years ago this month, two young black sanitation workers were killed on the job in Memphis. The tragedy sparked the historic “I AM A MAN” strike, with 1,300 black workers joined by Martin Luther King, Jr. in…

Supreme Court: Protect working people's right to organize!

Friday, February 2, 2018

XPO Miami

Michael Zangrillo, a driver at XPO in Miami, gives an update on their negotiations with XPO. Mike also explains the recent NLRB ruling that orders the company to pay back wages to all the employees XPO discriminated against in Miami. #WeAreXPO