Sunday, June 28, 2015

(UOS)Hayward,CA Shop Filed Petition

We the mechanics of the Hayward shop in California (UOS)are asking the Union to represent us.Because we want to make a difference in our futures as well as for others who are willing to join our fight to set a better standard of living.For all the workers.

Please be advised that I.A.M. & A.W. Machinists Automotive Trades Local Lodge No. 1101, District Lodge No. 190 of Northern California, represents the majority of your employees who perform work in the Con-Way Freight Maintenance Department at the Hayward facility located at 2200 Claremont Court Hayward, CA. 94545.

If necessary, we are prepared to agree to an independent, impartial third party check of the authorization petition from your employees to prove our majority status. We are requesting immediate negotiations to consummate a collective bargaining agreement covering wages, benefits, hours and working conditions for and on behalf of the employees that we represent. We believe this process will be the least disruptive for the Company and your employees and the best way to keep attorney fees and other costs to a minimum.

In accordance with Federal Law, we are requesting that you maintain a “status quo” environment with the affected employees. Absolutely no reprisals may be taken against them, nor may you or any representative of the Company threaten, coerce, or interrogate any employee or interfere with their Union activities.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

So this has been posted at the UOS shop. I just wanted people to realize that HR is paid to only protect the company and not the workers. As for getting help from HR to deal with a manager just make sure they're not best buddies because otherwise who do you think will win the issue? Just like Kimball is with management at the UOS shop.Hey Greg ask Kimball how many times has been to the UOS due to Joy Lewis not doing her job or harassing the mechanics or vendors that come to the shop. Has anything been done about her? I can tell you she's still doing it and management supports her. According to management she has the right to harass people. So who does HR support? So people good luck in getting help from the good old buddy system.