Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Company Lies

Management at the Laredo, TX terminal is doing anything they can to convince their labor to say no to the union. Among the list of many ridiculous and illegal lies, they've added a few. They are saying that if the union comes in they will fire all dock workers because the union doesn't allow dock only employees. The company has also said that everyone gets to vote in the election, including temps and as absurd as it sounds, the cleaning crew. They've also begun to punish dock only temps that want to be put on "full-time" by not allowing them to get their CDL once put on and not giving them any benefits. This terminal will be the front line as we try to unionize this company. Once we get to a vote here, it will include office, dock, city drivers and line drivers. Temps don't count as they don't work for the company. Although once unionized there wouldn't be any more temps. Wages will go up, insurance premiums will go down, stress will go down, and job security will go up.