Sunday, June 2, 2013


How much are initiation fees?
     There are no fees to newly formed or organized groups,
 Conway freight would fall under this. Union dues are 2 ½ of our Hourly wage.
 So top of scale drivers at southern California is $ their Union dues
Would be $58.87/month. These dues enable the union to have the resources
To stand up for fair wages, good benefits, better working condition.
How common are strikes?
     It takes a 2/3 vote to go on strike by members not the local union
 Representing us. However, 99% of the time there no strikes the ibt Understands
That strikes are not only a burden on the company but also a burden on its members.
Can a member track how their union dues are being spent?
     The lm-2 report is a detailed report of how the union spends its money.
 It is always available to every union member.
I heard that unions put companies out of business.
How will organizing affect Conway?
     Bad management put companies out of business the Teamsters and their
Members are only successful when the Company is successful so they want
The company to profit. A good Example is YRC where the members renegotiated
Their contract to keep Company afloat. 
             It’s all up to us, Conway employees!
                     Stand up and be counted!