Friday, October 31, 2014

Congratulations South Brunswick New Jersey FedEx !

Congratulations South Brunswick New Jersey, SBR! You can now proudly say "WE ARE TEAMSTERS"! Your fellow brothers and sisters stood strong and united and proved to the naysayers no matter what hurdles were thrown in your path you would be victorious. We all owe our brothers and sisters at SBR a great deal of gratitude for invigorating and inspiring our fellow brothers and sisters as they continue in their own campaigns to 'Bring the Teamsters to FedEx Freight' to their centers. Have a great night and weekend SBR, you DID IT!!! 66 yes 42 no

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Conway's dirty tricks!

Conway's lawyers and union busters were at the ULX terminal trying to get statements from non supportive drivers to say that they were harassed or intimidated during the campaign. This is bullshit!! It's the same bullshit that they did in Laredo. It's time for us to stand up and punch our company in the gut !!!  We should all walk the fuck out and show Conway who has the power! 

Paul was having his goons spread the rumor that they were going to close down LX because we voted union. Bullshit ! Paul, you know damn well your breaking the law.

Conway management, we know now that WE have the power, we will win this! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vote YES For Conway

JC 10 and Local 633 Rally at ConWay Freight

ConWay Freight Employees Receive Encouragement and Support from JC 10 and Local 633
NE Teamsters Joint Council 10 and Teamster Local 633 Principal Officer David W Laughton joined Joint Council 10 Organizer Roger Travers at the ConWay Freight terminal in Manchester NH. Business Agents Kevin Foley and Rick Laughton along with active and retired members of Teamsters Local 633 attended the rally in support of the hard working men and women employed by ConWay.  On November 13, 2014, the NLRB will administer a vote for the drivers and dock workers at the Manchester terminal. This will be their opportunity to have a voice in the terms and conditions of their employment with the unwavering support of the Teamsters Local 633 with regard to their representation as the exclusive bargaining representative.
The Officers, Agents and members are at the gates day and night supporting their future brothers and sisters. 

 Vote YES (XNH) Manchester,New Hamshire

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Exclude Dockworkers

We need to contact local 104 and ask them how they petitioned fed ex for a driver only union and that's what we have to do. Today I asked a dock worker what he thought of the union flat out he said if the union comes in we are fired I was shocked to know this guy was a little clueless. After I informed him that it's against the law for Conway to fire u for wanting the union he said that that's what was told to him by management. Management is breaking the law by threatening people with dismissal if they try to put the union in. From now on every time you walk in the office or around a supervisor put your phone on record and record someone breaking the law like our friends in Laredo.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Downtown LA (ULX) WON Election

Ulx Terminal won election, we were short on ula and ufv we will learn from this do not despair we have many more opportunities to make a stand.knowledge and wisdom is gained by experience and experience is learned by our failures.lets support and help our brothers and sisters in New Hampshire win their election on November 13.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Harlingen Texas (LHG) Files For Union Representation

Congrats to the driver of Harlingen Tx (LHG) for filing their petition for UNION representation

An Open Letter To Greg Lehmkuhl and Neil Smith

Greg & Neil
In your latest propaganda letter ( Guarantees ) handed to us last night you state that the union has spread negative rumors about our future. We want to know what the FUCK you talking about?? The union has never spread negative rumors, they have never promised anything but the chance to negotiate a CONTRACT. Something BOTH of you have with Conway Freight Inc. Why are you trying to deny us that right ???

The union has never told us that the company will fire us, lay us off, or disciplined for supporting or opposing the union, in fact they informed us that we a PROTECTED by federal rights to organize a union at Conway. The only threats of firings, discipline or layoff are coming from your management team and the non-union supporters they have sent to spread that fear and intimidation.

We can all laugh at you for this one! YOU can guarantee that we will be treated with DIGNITY AND RESPECT !!!! You come in from the marble palace for a few days and know what the daily operation of our service centers are ???  We all know that these morons running our centers DO NOT treat us with DIGNITY AND RESPECT !!!

We are glad you "guarantee" that the wages YOU promised the DRIVERS will be implemented in  2015. But why weren't the dock workers included in that wage increase? And why didn't you guarantee that our hours are not going to be cut, or our health care won't be increased ??? You think we don't know that you can guarantee all these things but it's not a legal binding contract!!! Why didn't you have it notarized ??? We know the bullshit your trying to feed us!

And WE WILL ALL be glad to pay union dues for the DIGNITY AND RESPECT you claim we have now.

Can YOU guys guarantee that you will still BE EMPLOYED by Conway Freight Inc. to abide by your signed guarantee ??  Your signatures won't mean shit if you guys get fired or choose to take your golden parachute! Why don't you save the ink and negotiate a good contract with the Teamsters and put those signatures in a TEAMSTER CONTRACT!

A CONTRACT is a legal binding document that you can't back out of regardless if you guys get fired, a contract will stand regardless.

A CONTRACT will guarantee that you will treat us with DIGNITY AND RESPECT!

A CONTRACT will guarantee that our wages will not be taken away and will only increase from the 27.10 that you have GUARANTEED!

                                                   WE WANT A UNION CONTRACT
                                                            "we won't settle for less"

Monday, October 20, 2014

UIV Irvine Ca, Files For Union Representation!!

Congrats to the Irvine California terminal on they're filling for Teamster representation today....
More terminals to follow!   MANY MORE !!  

Congratulations Miami for your Courage

Today Teamsters Local 769 has filed a petition to organize the Conway Freight employees at
the Miami location.
“Following the successful organizing of the Conway Freight in Laredo Texas and the three
elections slated for later this week in California. we see a wave of organizing activity within this
company.”, said Teamsters Local 769 President and Principal Officer Mike Scott.
The employees recognize the strength of Teamsters bargaining power and want to be part of
our team.

Monday, October 13, 2014

To All The ULA Dock Workers Who Are Still In Doubt .

This is for those dock workers at ULA that are in doubt of what a union contract could possibly bring to you. What has Conway promised you? What have they said about the raise they promised the drivers? They haven't said anything but "there maybe a slight raise for the dock workers in the future. Well look at what the UPS Freight dock workers make with a contract! They do the EXACT same job you do and they have better benefits. If you think the company really cares about you think again. They care about no one but the stock holders and will get rid of you in a heart beat with out a contract.

The Old UPSF contract from April 7,2008 to April 31, 2013 

 And the New contract from August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2018

Union Questions and Answers .. For Those Of You Who Still Have Questions.

Q. How does the union work?
A. A union is a democratic organization of a majority of the employees in a facility. The basic idea of a union is that by joining together with fellow employees to form a union, workers have a greater ability to improve conditions at the work site. In other words, "in unity there is strength."
Q. What will be in our contract?
. It is for the union employees to decide what to negotiate for. Your co-workers are already talking about many issues that are important to them at union meetings. After you win union recognition, you will select a negotiating committee from among your co-workers. Then, with the assistance of union negotiators, the committee will sit down with management to negotiate a contract. The law says that both sides must bargain "in good faith" to reach an agreement on wages, benefits, and working conditions. The contract will only take effect after it is approved (ratified) by a majority of the workers. It is not possible to know exactly what will be in the first contract. Our goal will be to win improvements with each contract.
Q. Who runs the union?
The union is a democratic organization run by the members. Members elect the local officers. You vote on many issues of importance to you. You vote on your contract. Union members elect delegates to national conventions, where delegates elect national officers and vote on major issues affecting the union such as constitutional amendments. The union is the people themselves.
Q. Won't it cost the company a lot money if the union comes in?
In the short run, it's true that unions cost employers more in terms of wages and benefits. But in the long run, that doesn't necessarily hurt the employer. Many unions are good for the employers as well as for the workers. The reason is simple. With a union there is higher morale, and there is a mechanism for workers to have a voice in how the workplace operates. Satisfied employees are more productive, and less likely to quit, so there is less turnover. Also, management benefits when it gets input from the workers on how the operation could be run better.
Q. Can I be fired for participating in the campaign?
A. First of all, the law prohibits any employer from discriminating against people in any way because of their union activity. If an employer does harass or discriminate against a union supporter, the union files a charge with the Labor Board, and prosecutes the employer to the fullest extent.
The best safeguard against the employer harassing anyone is for everybody to stick together and win their union. Without a union, management has a free hand to treat people as they please. But with a union, everyone has the protection of a union contract.
Q. What can the union do about favoritism?
Fairness is the most important part of the union contract. The same rules apply to everyone. If any worker feels that he or she is not being treated fairly, then he or she, of course, still has the opportunity to complain to the supervisor, just like before. But under a union contract, the supervisor or manager no longer has the final say. They are no longer judge and jury. If the worker is not satisfied with the response of the supervisor, the worker can file a grievance. The first step of a grievance procedure is for the steward to accompany the worker to try to work it out with the supervisor. If the worker is not satisfied, the steward and the employee, with help from the Union Business Manager, can bring the grievance to higher management. If the complaint is not resolved, then the issue can be placed before an outside neutral judge called an arbitrator.
Q. Management is hinting that we could lose the benefits we now have. Is that true?
A. The purpose of forming a union is to win improvements in wages and benefits, not to lose them. We start with what we have and go up. On average, unionized workers earn a third more than non-union workers in wages and benefits. Occasionally in organized facilities workers agree to grant concessions to aid an ailing company, but this comes after years of winning improvements. The employees vote on whether or not to accept a contract. Would you vote to accept a contract that took away your benefits? Think about it. If having a union meant that the employer could reduce your benefits, why would the employer be fighting the union so hard? Besides, it is against the law for the employer to retaliate against the union by taking away wages or benefits.
Q. What about all those meetings we're having where management talks about the union being bad and corrupt?
. The employer would like you to think that unions are corrupt. The truth is that unions are decent, honest organizations dedicated to improving the lives of working people. Nothing is perfect, and there have been examples of union officials who have not been honest. But the same is true of government officials and business leaders. There are a few bad apples in any group of people. Telling you not to vote for a union because there have been some corrupt officials is like telling you never to work for a company because a company official has been corrupt.
Q. The employer says the union can't guarantee us anything. Can you?
. The union can guarantee this: that when workers stick together as a union they have more bargaining power and more of a voice than they do as individuals. When the union wins, you will negotiate a contract with the employer. We can make no promises on what the contract will contain. That is for you to decide when you vote on your contract. We can guarantee that the contract will be legally binding, and the union will make sure the contract is enforced.
Q. Management says the union is just after our dues money. Why should we pay money to the union?
. Dues are used to run your union and keep it strong. The dues are divided between the local union and the national union. The money is used to provide expert services to your local union, including negotiators, lawyers, economists, and educators; to pay the salaries of officers and staff, including organizers; to provide newsletters and conferences. The local union's money is used for reimbursing stewards for lost time, for the union hall, and for other expenses of your union. Did you know that the employer also pays dues to organizations? Employers have their own ''unions" - such as the Chamber of Commerce or the National Association of Manufacturers. They pay for representation-why shouldn't you? Besides, since when is the company so concerned about your money?
Q. How much are Union Dues?
 Dues are 2 1/2 times your hourly rate, once a month and are tax deductible.  However, no dues are paid until the majority of workers vote to accept a contract they helped to negotiate. All initiation fees will be waived for members in newly organized units.
Q. Management has hinted there will be a strike if we organize.
. Management talks a lot about strikes during an organizing drive. Did they tell you that over 98% of union contracts are settled without a strike? There could only be a strike if the employees vote for the strike. And it's only smart to vote for a strike if you know you can win. The employer doesn't want a strike any more than the workers do, so everyone has an incentive to reach a compromise during bargaining. Unions have developed a lot of other tactics that can put pressure on management to reach a fair agreement. For example, unions use boycotts or corporate campaigns or community support, rather than necessarily having to resort to striking.
Q. How do we go about getting a union here? 
We've already taken the important first steps in forming a union. We've formed a voluntary organizing committee of which many of you are members. This committee was formed to investigate and to inform of the ways that a union may help us. We've held meetings to inform other employees as to what their rights are now and the rights they gain by forming a union. Now it's all up to us to vote Union and to ask others to vote for their future by VOTING UNION .
Q. What does signing the card mean?
It means you want the union. The card is a commitment of support. And, it gives us the legal support for an open and free union election.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Manchester, New Hamshire XNH

We are pleased to announce that a fifth location has petitioned the NLRB for an election.Congratulations to manchester,NH(XNH) in joining the campaign with Laredo,TX and Southern California. XNH is the first terminal to petition in the northeast to join in our effort in Bringing the Teamsters to conway Freight.

                                     We Have a Date!

     Our Teamsters Election will take Place November 13!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Supporting our Brothers and Sisters at Fedex Freight

 FedEx Freight Employees are FedUP
Let's keep the ball rolling.  Keep Laredo's momentum going.  Vote "Yes" on union.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Union Benefits

Your Retirement and Your Health Benefits are part of what your Union does for you. Many people across America spend their whole lives working and have nothing to show for it. You can look forward to a pension.

Every pay period, employers contribute money into your pension account as negotiated in Your Contract. Over time, the money adds up. Each company has different rules about the amount of money contributed, how many years you have to work, and how old you have to be before you can retire and collect your pension.

Most members of Local 63 are covered by the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan. The Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan is now on-line.

The Western Conference of Teamsters (WCT) Pension Plan was established in 1955 through collective bargaining between labor and management. Today your Plan is the largest area-wide multiemployer pension plan in the United States. It covers 200,000 active participants through pension agreements negotiated by local unions with more than 1,600 employers predominantly in 13 Western states.

Health Benefits

Many working people can't afford to get sick. Visits to the doctor can be expensive. A single night in the hospital can wipe out a family's savings. Members don't have these worries because every Union Contract contains medical benefits.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Lies Union Buster Tell !!

At our meetings the union buster was pissed off because we posted how much money he makes. Well you have been exposed for the money hungry rat that you are. How could you live with yourself knowing your making money on keeping working people down!
Cruz no one believes your lies, we all know that your only reason for being at our yard is to trick people into believing your bullshit!

You claim Randy Cammack makes millions of dollars! You really think we believe that? You must think we are just some stupid drivers that are not tech savy. Well in this age of GOOGLE we have the information at our finger tips.
You make way more money doing way less.

You show us bits and pieces of the union constitution with probably just the parts that have nothing to do with organizing and try to pass them on as something that will affect us. Well your wasting your time and your wasting Conway's money.

Lets move on to the lies your saying about the Teamsters not representing us. I've talked to plenty of union drivers that have told me that when they get suspended or fired they have hearings in San Diego once a month. Your showing those few cases that the union couldn't win, well there are always 2 sides to every story, Your only saying the side of the guy that lost and blames the union for unfair representation. What if that driver was fired for something like stealing or drugs? Why and how would the union fight those cases?  Your and idiot and why try anything to make us believe your lies. Any representation would be better than what we have now!!
 So keep your bullshit we want a contract, we want job protections, we want better health coverage, WE will take the money, and we will also vote YES for the UNION !!