Tuesday, January 31, 2012


BY Okie from Tulsa

Let’s talk about union dues. the political regime in Indiana are making a big deal about paying union dues, yes we will pay union dues that no secret, and what are those dues for? I will tell you they are for representation, examples are getting a contract, I mean dang who do any of us know that can negotiate a written contract for what we do. each contract is different for every profession, and further more if you have a problem on the job, let’s say mgt wants to terminate your employment for whatever reason now it may be justified or it may not be, maybe mgt wants to terminate you to make an example and yes it’s done believe it or not,thats were the teamsters come in, they represent our best interest ,thats what companies do not want, they want us under their thumb so they can do as they please and keep everyone scared of them for fear of being terminated at will.ok now we all pay taxes and those taxes are for representation, if I’m wrong about that please tell me, if you get in trouble with the law what do you do what's easy get a lawyer and what does that lawyer do? another easy one he or she represents you and that cost money they dont work for free,so why would anyone expect the teamsters to represent us for free? why don’t we all send a message to the U.S. government and tell them we will no longer be paying for representation, one more thing let’s send a message to the state we live in especially the right to work states and tell them the same thing, and that is we want representation for free no more taxes if they say no then they are hypocrites just like the CEO'S that run the company's so at Conway we have not had a pay increase in going on 5 years our medical went to the dogs it’s getting to the point where we won’t be able to afford it, our pension was taken away, jobs are going to outside carrier's I for one would be glad to pay the teamsters for representation so with all that said VOTE YES FOR REPRESENTATION,VOTE TEAMSTERS.HAVE A TRUE VOICE IN THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR.


robsnightmare said...

Good post! Im proud to pay my dues im a line driver for ABF in so cal. And i made 92 grand and only paid 63per month for a total of 712 per year which is tax deductable. I don't pay a dime for my insurance or into my pension. The company pays that all negotiated by my Union the Teamsters. Those laws for right to work states suck for the worker and are great for the companys. Those companys in those states really abuse those workers really bad. So what you got to lose!

Anonymous said...

Hey todd, you are going to need it. While the ceos have agreed to receive bonuses at 125 %double their salary .and with another contract . Pretty soon im going to have a good contract too. Sorry , to spoil your year. You, sorry sob better in joy your contract while you have it.

Dave... said...

I pay dues for my car Insurance, and it covers me,
I pay dues for my family medical Insurance, and it covers my family.
I pay dues for my home Insurance, and it covers my house,
I pay dues for Tax representation, and it covers roads, my house from being on fired, protection from the police department and for the Teachers who help educate our children's.
But I don't pay union dues because Con-way Corp won't allow us, and for that I don't have representation.
I don't have protection from bad management who mis-treat us employees, I don't have protection from an At Will company policy handbook.
So the bottom line here, is yes I would pay Union dues out of my own pocket to protect myself from bad animals like management of Con-way!!!