Friday, January 27, 2012


From Change To Win

What the wealthy and well-connected figured out is that they have strength in numbers:  the numbers of dollars they contribute to politicians. It’s time working and middle class Americans use our strength in numbers to reclaim the American Dream. We need a counterweight to the power of big money – and that’s the power of big numbers, the power of ordinary people who work for a living demanding to have our voices heard – from the workplace to Washington.
That is why over 5.5 million workers united to create Change to Win – if corporations can join together to hire an army of lobbyists, working and middle class Americans must also band together and restore balance by making sure we have a strong voice and a seat at the table again.
Through innovative organizing campaigns in the private-sector economy, we work every day to ensure that working and middle class Americans can use our strength in numbers to reclaim the American Dream – a good American job with good American benefits for everyone who wants it.


Anonymous said...

Just to all you drivers at Conway don't let management try to bullshit you about how great Mitt Romeny is. Think about this that guy only pays 15%percent in Taxes and was one of those guys that bought companys out and put them out of business just to profit from them and send jobs over seas.We the hard working drivers of Conway have to pay at least 38% perecent of taxes.. That guy is the one percent...and wont help the american worker.

A Old CF/Conway driver! said...

I want the American Dream too! I say lets take the fight to these Greedy CEO's at Conway and if they want to shut down the company like they did to CF "Consolidated Freight" I say let them. We here in California,Texas,Oklahoma,Ohio,Arizona,New Mexico,Oregon,Nevada,New York,Virgina,Kansas,and Michigan are ready to educate are selfs and learn what it means to be a good Teamster!

Anonymous said...

No stopping here in dallas,tx . The calvary is coming!!!!!! Its time for the new change in conway.

Anonymous said...

Meeting in so. Cal sunday feb 12 in Orange Ca. 8am.Local 952

Anonymous said...

Meeting in dallas now ur code for the meeting