Thursday, January 26, 2012

Union Movement Still Alive

by Pumpkinsocks
Truckingboard says the Union Movement at Conway is Dead. The truckingboard is infested with Conway management waste. They will try to deny or water down the union organizing at Conway. That's why they got the usual suspects commenting on the trucking board and falsely commenting against the union. You don't have to be a genius to notice the same guys, beerfd, highspeed, whiteshirt, and idgarrett, are not drivers. They are management or union busters . But you're right okie, they don't have any idea about what it is to be a driver under these vicious company policies and injustices. This is why we created this blog, to expose these liars and educate drivers what it means to be a union member or a Teamster. Conway can create stupid so called VVT committees and make some of those drivers believe they're being heard. What these drivers don't know is that they are being used as union busters.
There's a reason that the trucking board doesn't allow union talk on the Conway forum. It's because it's moderated by people that want only the pro-company talk. They use it to see who is for and who is against the company.


robsnightmare said...

Your right on the mark about trucking boards! It is the most one sided sites out there.Management is always on that site and posting as drivers who are out there doing the dirty work of picking up and deliverying frieght. Even the supervisors are on that site acting the part.They get sponsered by anti-union firms.It would be a better site if they would allow both sides Equal time. I take my hats off to guys like Elvis "King of the working stiffs" and Chevy76 and Pumpkin socks, IBT Joe Nuno of fed ex and all the brothers who are not allowed to speak the truth on that site.

Todd L said...

Yes the Union is alive and well in the great state of Texas.Management is telling its drivers to go look for another job for better pay! I say lets fight them and join a Union..

Anonymous said...

Checking in from Phoenix Az another right to work state hopefully not for long we have been getting rid of all those Republicans that side with the Companys and not with the working people!ByeBye Russell Pierce Law makers who side with Greedy Rich.Im tired of being treated like crap in Blythe and being under paid for all my hard work! Go Teamsters!!!!

Anonymous said...

Phx conway drivers . Here in dallas. We lda drivers support you 100%. Let's row forward.