Monday, January 16, 2012

To All Conway DriversThat Wants to Be a Teamster

Okie From Tulsa

To all that want to be a teamster member,hang tough the Ibt is on board,it takes time,the teamster had to be sure there is enough support and guess what? They have it,now they are putting a plan together,that takes time and money, Conway will tell all of us how bad this is and if we vote in the union we will get better benefits and annual pay raises and fair  treatment and all that horrible stuff,my oh my what were we thinking,I mean heck almost  5 years since a raise,and yes we should be happy for what I’m not sure, dang  lets go another  5 years  that would be 10 years and yes we truckdrivers can add,some of us can’t spell or use propergrammer,but we can spell getting  screwed. so lets vote yes, lets send a message to corporate  greed. 


Paul S. said...

Don't worry "okie" help is coming from sea to shinning sea! and yeah we don't have college degrees or are part of the management groups or clicks they have kinda like a Union.I know lots of Volunteers from different Unions are gonna help out to educate and help you guys at conway become come good union members.

Todd L said...

I like it that way keep you workers down.I like Texas because its a right to work state i have the freedom to treat workers anyway i want and fire them for any reason.Texas has great laws that allow us to treat workers any way we want.I think every state should want those same laws.