Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unions Protect Middle-class Workers in the Workplace

 Why are middle-class workers paid overtime? UNIONS. Why are there standards for fairness in the workplace? UNIONS. Why are there benefits that pay our doctors, specialists, and hospitals? UNIONS. Who sets the standard for wages, benefits, human resource policies and working conditions across the board for middle-class workers? UNIONS. Who protects middle-class workers? UNIONS.
Unions represent the middle-class.
• An eight hour workday 
• A five day work week 
• Paid sick days, vacation days, and holidays 
• Family and medical leave 
• Health, life, and disability insurance 
• A pension 
• Safe and healthy working conditions 
• Proper job training 


Ramon ABF said...

AMEN God Bless The Teamsters...and All Unions...

Anonymous said...

God Bless the wisconsin working union people.

Todd from Texas said...

Wake up Conway and learn how to be good Teamsters and get a great Pension and Benifits for you and your family. Stop Corporate Greed and the constant harassments and threats you get day to day. Work union live better!

Anonymous said...

They had finally realized what a republican can do when in the office as a governor.

Paul S said...

My parents worked Union and i had every thing growing up good medical insurance my dad would say we had good benifits and now him and my mom live off there pensions.Oh yeah and they were always stress free!