Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Martin"Luther"King Day!

Just want to thank all the drivers for there struggles trying to overcome Conways Greed and Mistreatment of it workers and families. Remember like Dr.King said We will overcome and make are Dreams come True!  Get Respect a Pension, Free Medical a Cost of Living Raise!And justice for all ! I have a Dream that my Brothers and Sisters at  Conway can come together from sea to shining sea! have a  Contract like Management!  And gets  Respect for all Empolyess and Better Benifits just like the ones that Management gets. Be Strong! Stay together! and Learn What it means to be Union. May God Bless you and The Teamsters.

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Joe Nuno said...

Amen, You brothers and sisters will have a Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Con-way employees will sit at the round table and bargain their fair contract, so let it be written.