Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Company Seniority at FedEx Doesn't Mean Sh** ( beware it might happen here at Conway )

This is bullsh*t of what FedEx does now, I was talking to a couple of line haul drivers today, and was told that FedEx doesn’t honor seniority no more.
Let me explain the scenario here, if a driver of local p & d that drove for 20 years as local p & d driver, and then decides to jump into the line haul operation department and transfers to it, he loose his seniority, which is ok, but not lose company seniority for vacation or layoff.
Now as of today, being in the same barn, he has no strap at all, meaning if a suppose a driver like Motto Rider that has 5 years with the company as a line Driver and this other driver that has 20 years of company seniority and just transfer to line haul, will be layoff first before Motto Rider.
Or Motto Rider will have first choice for vacation before the 20 year driver…Irudedog from changefedextowin and I warned everybody years ago (2006) that extreme changes were coming, we saw the Big Picture when FedEx took over.
I’ll say it again it’s time to organize now, it’s never too late, but now we have to negotiate what you have lost on the bargaining table.
Everybody that works for a Big Greedy Corporation needs a Collective Bargaining Agreement!!!


Marty said...

Seniority doesn't mean shit here too at Conway!

Anonymous said...

You're right, the only seniority we have at conway is when we bid on start times, which doesn't mean shit because supervisors send us wherever the hell they please as a form of punishment. But their kiss asses get the better routes and get overtime.