Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Annual Disappoint Letter From FedEx

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By Rudy Hernandez
FedEx city driver sbo

I recently received my information packet for my pension. From my Viking/ FedEx pension I will be receiving $648/ month. And up to now I will be receiving $55/ month for FedEx’s PPA (Portable Pension Account). That’s a grand total as of now $703/month.

Now I still have my 401k which I won't add for now because I’m 53 years old now. And have at least 12 more years to retire. And if the market takes a dump, so might my 401k!

Now when we retire from FedEx, we will not have any medical benefits. Which we will have to purchase on our own. I had to get my daughter medical coverage a few years ago, because she wasn't taking enough credit while she was going to college. It was going to cost me $399/ month! Thank goodness for Obama care which FedEx has to cover our kids who go to college to the age of 26 yrs of age?

With that in mind, it costs more to cover yourself and your spouse under COBRA around $500 each a month. My so called FedEx pension is $703/month minus $1000/month. That leaves with $-297/month, to pay a mortgage, food, med's, gas, etc. get the point.

And all our managers say, you don't need a teamsters contract, because they we know better for you!

If this alone, doesn't make you think that we need to organize FedEx nothing will. Enjoy your second job at Wal-Mart when you retire. So you could just survive your golden years!

I ask you now FedEx, "WHEN WILL THE GREED STOP?"

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