Monday, March 5, 2012

Drop "logs" on your own time!

Con-way now wants employees to punch out when they need to relieve themselves in the restroom…. What's next, punch in when your truck is sitting at the gate with your stuff in the truck ready to roll out??? Punch out when you go make a delivery???


Anonymous said...

Bull shit ! where do you get our info? From one of your union buddies.

Anonymous said...

No, I get this info from working at this place and from others that put up with all the bullshit that management gives us.

Anonymous said...

Let him have it driver. In usb now u have to have sit belt on in the yard at all times. And in Laredo, TX u cannot go back to your car to retrieve a personal item when going out the city or linehaul. Which they call it stealing time. Or in Laredo manager rudy follows drivers on their lunch time and asked them for lunch receipts. Stop me when I’m lying s.o.b. Driver from lda and I am not scared. Teamsters for drivers.