Monday, October 17, 2011


UNITE means to Join,Combine or join in some Action .United means to Join together.and Unity means the state or fact of being ONE.  Guys all i have to say is staying together as one you will be United and Unity will Prevail in your fight to be  Great TEAMSTERS.


Joe Nuno said...

If you were to form a Union, you would have a strong trusted fiduciary representive to collect and bargain for us members, this trusted fiduciary representive is voted by us, "if we were members"
Now do you trust a representive of FedEx corp to act as your fiduciary representive?
Does this fiduciary representive collect and bargain for the employees of FedEx? No!!!
Now that FedEx and Conway are heading in the right direction to form their unions, others will follow, It's time for all carriers to organize.
Everybody is tired of being bullshit, lied and kicked around.
Enough is Enough!!!
I want my union...

Joe Nuno said...

Here is my analysis, FedEx employees are paying $69 a month for PPO and $89 for HMO (KAISER) per week.
PLUS CO-PAYMENT $25 for PPO $35 HMO visitation and prescription payment, plus $30 lab work.
Conway employees are paying $ 105 per week for PPO, Plus co-payment for visitation and prescription co-payment and also $30 for lab work.
ABF, YRC, UPS PACKAGE, Pay nothing per week, they have choices of PPO'S, HMO'S.
$10 visitation, $5 prescription.
What do you want? To be At Will with no choice, and no fiduciary trusted person to represent the employees.
Or to be a union member, not an At Will employee, and to be able to vote and select a trusted fiduciary member and represent us.

Anonymous said...

oh,you got a minor?..Let me write you up. and its ok out the door!! thats the white shirts motto. Where is my honor seniority? there is no more but there is a flex-board in place of you. Now, back to the dock!!!! Am I going to run to tonight? whiteshirts respond. No, but there is a contractor waiting to take to take your run. But my co-worker asked for one more shipment. It's time to start organize and stop the conway bullcrap.