Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Con-Way 'Recovering Margin'

The Journal of Commerce Magazine - News Story
In some ways, Con-way Freight, with $3.1 billion in revenue last year, fared better over the past two years than its largest competitors, YRC and FedEx Freight. Both of those companies posted substantial losses while Con-way managed to keep its LTL operation in the black, even with tighter margins. Con-way


Conway/XPO Employees said...

It's amazing how much money a company makes and it lies to its employees about how they can't give them a raise or cover the cost of there health insurance or give its workers a PENSION!When joining the Teamsters you will get that and Respect! As a Union worker you have rights,and a real Voice that would be Heard.

Gibby said...

Isn't weird that Conway and FedEx are giving out BBQ at the same time of the week.
And now Conway and FedEx are promising extra incentive for the future, I've talked to some FedEx drivers last night, and was told that FedEx corp was going to give their part time employees medical benefit.
Yes medical benefit, but until the year 2013, well isn't when Obama medical administrative proposal kicks in? Or is FedEx doing this from the kindness of their HEARTS!
And Conway are also promising us wage increase, better fringe benefits, sounds like S.P.I.T

okie from tulsa said...

that adds up to corprate greed,its a revolving door,they take there millions from the employees,and then give there buddies there shot at taking millions,kinda like riding a horse my turn next,untill the horse is a old nag,or sway back.

Anonymous said...

Hello Okie need to clear something up for my conway brothers and sisters who might not know what "sway back" means An unnatural downward curving or sagging of the back, esp of a other words your trying say is Corporate is the 1 percent making billions and we the drivers of Conway are the 99 percent Breaking are backs making Pennies and getting no Respect for are Experience and hard work. and CFN save your hotdogs and ice cream for your Corporate parties..We the Drivers of Conway are fed up and Rather have Two Horses back us up!!!! Thank you TEAMSTERS.