Monday, October 24, 2011


Conway has been giving meetings on improving our concerns and issues, and also telling us we will see a pay increase of $1 to $3 in the future.
Well I like to address something to Conway corporate, Conway can you put this in black and white? Can all you corporate mangers of Conway guaranteed this in writing?
Also, I know Conway corporate will start union busting our Rights to form our union, and when Conway starts showing us Anti-Union video and captive meetings on how the union is the wrong way to go…
Then we the employees of Conway demand Conway corporate to also put this in writing and sign it, that every propaganda Conway passes out about how bad the unions are, will also be in writing and guaranteed by Conway corporate.
The choice, as a Conway employee union committee leader, I rather have union dues every month and be a member of our union, than to have $1 to $3 dollar raise for more corporate abuse of us employees.
Once we demand recognition of unionism, then we will have a contract that’s ratify by us future members, meaning better wage increase, better pension plans and better medical plan.
With a contract thats been voted by us as future union members, and not created by corporate only, the contract will be assemble by the employees and Conway corporate.
With a contract, it will improve our working conditions and eliminate corporate abuse!!!
To all my coworkers, educate yourself and educate others, recognize corporate propaganda, listen to corporate and do your homework, because corporate only wants to make it into a one way street.
Do your homework; you have the rights to see what a union offers, and be wise and organize.


Anonymous said...

To Conway corporate this sounds like they had enough of your GREEDY ways and tired of your Managers Bulling its workers around.Wake up Drivers and Demand Respect from People like that Demon of a manager they have at ULX Paul Styers. You have your friends from YRC and ABF And Fed EX Backing you guys up!!!May God Bless you guys in your fight to become Union Members..And Protect you from the GREDDY Bastards who don't care about you or your Famalies.Just the Bottom dolaar or there Numbers.....

okie from tulsa said...

conway pushed there greedy ways far enough,we have lots of support soon we will join the best labor organization in the world,GO TEAMSTERS,and we drivers at conway thank all that are helping us including conway.