Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pension Plan vs. 401K

This comes from a Teamster that has accumulated 8 years in a pension plan. Notice that he has accumulated close to $12,000 a year upon his retirement. Meaning that if he chose to stop working for this union carrier right now, he would get $12,000 a year once he meets requirements and decides to retire. This employee will keep putting more money into his pension and should he keep employed and get to a 30-year career he could retire with close to $40,000 a year coming in after retirement. How's that 401k looking now?????


the darkside said...

I’ve been here at Conway more than 25ys and this is all I’m getting after I retire $600/month, for those new employees you're not getting shit. This is why we need a collective bargaining agreement (CBA)
That’s why is call union we all collective bargain for better working conditions and better benefits don’t let those lying busters from management tell you companies don’t offer pensions anymore

Anonymous said...

You are right but we are ready now in 3 service centers in california what most of us in one of those service centers don't like is the wait for what, not everybody who signed the card is 100 percent. But they will ride with us now! He'll by next two three months who knows what mind set they will be in by then. There is also union guys from other carriers complaining and telling some of our guys about stuff they don't like. Wait for what?????