Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Anonymous said...

This is the real deal people! Organization is key, Laredo has been moving forward. It is time for other locations to join the movement. Do not leave it all for Laredo to handle. Do your part to make a bigger impact on this corporation of CONWAY. Vote YES! on election day. They say that we are putting our families and earnings in danger for wanting union. I for one think this is bull, I want union! Because of my FAMILY they deserve more. I work for my family much like everyone else. How much time do we get to spend with our families? Answer: Not much. The least thing I could do is make sure they are care for and I can provide for them. We work for hours delivering and then have to work docks. For what? So management can leave a dog supervisor barking orders and pushing over drivers to hustle for the next days shipments.So who benefits? CONWAY because even if we are short on hours or etc. Supervisor will place the favorite brown nosier to do cake work and pull in hours while we look on.If corporate is reading this blog WELCOME! because on Sept. 12 WE ARE VOTING YES!!!