Thursday, March 6, 2014

Outsourcing Jobs

In a show of pure Capitalistic greed, Conway, plans to outsources office jobs to the Philippines. A common practice among union-free corporations, Conway was not to keep paying a respectable living-wage to have their billing done. No, instead they plan to scan the bills and send them overseas where they will no doubt save money by paying a poverty wage to people in a third-world country. What else can this company keep getting away with??? What will it take for the work force at Conway to band together and force Conway to keep jobs here? United we have a voice! Divided we will keep falling one by one.


Amelia said...

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Lionel Messi said...

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truthseeker said...

I used to work there in IT.

Con-way is simply a company that only cares about money. If they could make more money by employing americans, they would.

Unions are not the answer. Unions can be broken. The answer is socialism. Vote for change.

The best way to pay them back for all the evil they do -- is to raise taxes on the rich and take away their wealth obtained by outsourcing and using slave labor.