Sunday, February 24, 2013

Southern California Organizing Drive Heating Up

Here’s a comment from one of our workers at the Santa Fe Springs terminal, it shows the right frame of mind that every one of us should be in: 

“I work for Conway at the Santa Fe Springs terminal and the way they treat people there, it seems like modern day slavery. It’s ridiculous how the workers let the company get away with it. We live in America! We need to get together and become Teamsters! Then we’ll show them.”

All of our terminals in Southern California should be ready to mobilize and begin this organizing campaign. We need to recruit all of the terminals and strike fear into management to let them know that this union movement is for real. We should all be ready for a fight to get what we deserve. We deserve a better wage, affordable and better health benefits, a pension, job security, and a voice on the job. This is the only way to eliminate wage theft and favoritism. We will let our seniority decide what routes we will take instead of letting it depend on the mood of a supervisor. If our equipment is unsafe or if the freight is not loaded in a safe manner then we can speak up without fear of retaliation or being terminated. We decide what is safe.
If you’re undecided or need more information about this campaign contact your committee leader at your terminal or a union organizer at Teamsters Local 952 and they will help you understand why the union is the only way to get what we need.

Teamsters Local 952
(714) 740-6200


Retired Teamster said...

Dear Conway drivers you don't need to be worried about Management they will be retrained on how to act by your Union Bussiness Agent. Your not getting a Union to show them your tired of being treated like shit.Your getting a Union for your future!"Retirement "Respect"Dignity and Healthcare coverage or charges in your case at Conway per week fee out of your Paycheck I think i last heard it was like 100 per week "right? This is what happens when you go Union you pay union dues which is in my case $63 per month and that"s it.Being Union will help take a little bit of the Profits from the CEO bottom dollar.. If he Really cared he would get you guys a Pension and pay for your Medical every week..Life is so much better being Union no more worries just do my job like i know how!!Good luck and may God be on your side to fight this Greedy and unfair company Conway..have any Questions on how the Union works just ask a ABF worker or UPS worker..

Anonymous said...

I am a dsr at santa fe springs ca, its a joke how they run the place, alot of favoritism frm supervisors, they focus all there attn on certain wrks while the others stand around with them in the dockstand for hours every day. There are employes who spend alot of time making tea inside the office and then they stand in dispatch drinking it infront of outbound and fac fom's and it seems to be ok. But then if you go over your 10 min brk they want to acuse you of stealing company time. Its a joke in Santa Fe Springs. Fom's have even choked out supervisors and still wrk there.

Anonymous said...

Santa fe springs terminal has alot of favoritism, theres a guy they call big sperm that stands around all night infront of skiff and other fom's and fos's and it seems to be ok.

Anonymous said...

i work in long beach terminal i love my job in conway we dont need those asshoes teamster in here is great company is stupid when u think conway will be union in the future neverrr conway will bE PART OF teamster if u dont feel good conway looking for another job is alot companys out there . conway is up baby NO UNIONNNNNN.

Anonymous said...

That dude really needs to go back to school. Conway is a "good" company in writing, they talk a good talk but as far as the walk they are far from it. At USB favoritism, harassment, fear to be walked out is every day. Yes we have good fos's but they are even scared to back you up when you are right and your fom is wrong. Our inbound fom has been walked out for a lot of reason but brought back and every one was told pretty much that we lied. He covers up for this one particular fos all the time. They started this ranking system for our dock workers and ranked a few of the them so low it's not even funny! The want to keep up the morale but when our dock workers are not told what to do because they know what they need to get done. They rate them very low they have dock workers running the show and wages that are not even worth it. Us drivers everyday have to site and see if we can go home to our family at the end of a 10 hour work day they usually post a sign up that ALL DRIVERS MUST REPORT TO THE DOCK . After 10 hours of work even 12 at times . We need to get organized. And let go of some of our fom's well just one. Every Monday drivers and dock workers come in at 2 am our fom doesn't show up till 5am. If we are lucky 3 with a very bad attitude. I'm tired of writing because I know nothing is going to happen like normal. Us at USB are familiar with speaking on to deaf ears.