Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alta Dena Dairy Workers Ratify Strong First Contract

269 Teamsters Secure Wage Increases, Pension Contributions, Workplace Protections


bj said...

alta dena did a lot of work to organize because they want to see changes, we need to do the same,we need job security. we haven’t had a wage increase in a couple years. we want respect on the job.
having a union behind us to protect us is what we need.we need Respect and fairness.

Anonymous said...

It took alta dena about 3years to get this and all because the company was not giving them Respect and raises. Now they have all this plus job security.Oh yeah and a Pension not some crappy 401K. Lets Go Phoenix Az

Anonymous said...

Its time . And now Dallas,tx conway drivers are behind you phx drivers . We support you 100 % . It's time to wake up and organize around the u.s.a. Don't let them s.o.b. ceo's brain wash you. If they do come to your terminal. That means they are scared of losing there bonuses that they recieve every year millions of dollars. If you dont believe . Look at the conway security exchange. They ceo's have a contract guaranteed contract. Now, if they have a great contract with their lobbist on their left . Then we should be able organize with a contract too. If funny they ceos's only stay for a couple of years make their money from us drivers who work long damn hours and bam their gone to another company. That's one big reason why they don't want us to organize. They don't want to share the money. Remember your family they need you safe driver. Merry Christmas.