Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your New Job, AKA Welcome To Con-way

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Anonymous said...

Hey all you non union drivers what do you think does your company really care? I had a Estes driver tell me you just have to know how to work under those horrible conditions and that Unions are not for to talk to him in ten years from know when his body slows down and he can't swallow his distpatchers load anymore.

Anonymous said...

Whats it like working in new york for conway drivers were in texas you only get one freaking 30 min. Break all day even if you work over 12 or more hrs. Due to the right to work state rule with no over time til 50 hours. And they call us a family !!! Be for real . This is why we must organize to be a real family.

Santa Fe Springs driver said...

I think this a great video its like when Conway is gonna fuck us and lie to us how they are not making money and then cook us Hot dogs and ice cream and free sodas.Give us there racing hats and tell us to keep working hard.and tell Transportation Topics and the stock holders how much Profits they made for the Quarter.Unbelivable. Oh yeah then Management all get good Bonuses.We just get the bone.