Friday, February 3, 2012

Absurd write ups

Here are some of the Absurd write-ups management at Conway likes to give out:   driving a forklift to fast on the dock even though they train you to SAFELY work as fast as you can, walking out of the crosswalks, getting something in the eye while driving, no 4 ways while driving in the yard, no seatbelt, no three point exit out of a tractor. A dispatcher can waste diesel fuel sending you a place only to meet another Conway driver who is making your pickup and then turn around and have the guts to write you up for an absurd, petty piece of crap like this. What is going on in this place? What is going on is that we have no way to fight back without having a union, no way to tell them to go to hell and leave us alone. With a union contract in place all those ticky tack write-ups wouldn’t be valid. They would get laughed at by shop stewards and business agents. It’s up to us to get together and try to get the union in here and stick it to Conway. 


Anonymous said...

What about the service centers?Mechanics?Would this be unionized also?

Mario. C said...

Yes they would be unionize, if they follow the solidarity of ALL sticking together.
Now all the screw up Rules Con-way is giving you guys, is the same horse shit FedEx is doing with us at our yards, they call it Snapshot other words, it's a method to weed out seniority and the trouble makers (Pro-Union)