Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From A Conway Driver who wants to be a Teamster!!

The history of the Teamsters! Did you know? 1.In 1903,two seperate horseteam drivers mergedand formed the International Brotherhood of Teamsters,"IBT" 2. Current membership is 1.4million and growing."Thanks to corporate greed." 3.There Industries and crafts are as diverse as the people in them.From airline pilots to zoo keepers including nurses,doctors,law enforcement personnel,food processing workers, truck drivers, warehouse workers, small package delivery"ups"and bus drivers etc. 4.Teamster master contracts have put more people into the middle class than any other event in labor history.5. Teamsters supported equal pay for all workers doing the same job regardless of gender or race 60years before the U.S. Government did.6. Teamsters have always had an ongoing Disaster Relief Fund to help membersin need whenever disaster hits.7. Teamsters were known as the Knights of the Highway because they always stopped to help drivers having trouble on the road.8. Teamsters have developed more safety programs in Industries and training schools for drivers than any other union.9. Teamsters give away ten of thousands of dollars every year in Scholarships for members children. 10. Teamsters have won the highest military and Presidential honors than any other union workers.11. The Teamsters horses are named Thunder and Lightning.


Tito Ayala said...

congratulation my future Brothers and Sisters for this New Website.
this is going to be a great tool for you guys at Conway to connect and educate others from others yards.
Now you can share what's happening in other yards, so other can see the sinister of management terrorizing the employees, wrongfully terminating employees.
My name is Tito Ayala from UPS freight, if there anything I can do, please feel free to ask, alot of Conway drivers know me and they can get in touch with me.
By the way I was an Ex-CF driver, and I know how manager of CNF handle their employees, like shit.
They mis-treat you and fired your brothers, and then they have the nerves to tell you don't need a Union, then they ask you what Guaratee's will you have with the Teamsters.
You don't have a secured job with the company policy, you are at will, company policy changes when corporate wants to enforce their Rules
With a union contract you are secured, and nothing can be change without members approval and votes.

mooney said...

i like this fucking guy tito, thank you bro, help us oganize con-way, because i see it coming and everybody starting to stand up now.
let me say tito you are a lucky guy to have a union contract!!

Anonymous said...

What about the service centers?Mechanics?Would this be unionized also?