Friday, November 18, 2011


Let’s inoculate Con-ways bull shit statement about U.P.S Employees being tired of the Teamsters contract;
U.P.S makes $29.50 an hour
U.P.S corporate contributes $9 an hour for the pension funds, if an employee of U.P.S works 10 hours for the day, it will equal $90 dollars in the contribution for the pension funds.
How much does Con-way contributes to your pension funds per hour? 30 to 40 cent an hour!
U.P.S Employees don’t pay medical benefit contributions, U.P.S corporate pays for the employee’s package, whether full time employees or part time employees.
As a Con-way employee, how much does it come out of your pocket? $ 105 per week
U.P.S also contribute $7 an hour for Health and welfare, if an employee of U.P.S works 10 hours for the day, it will equal $70 dollars in the contribution for Health and welfare for when U.P.S Employees retired.
How much does Con-way contributes for your medical retirements? 0 cent an hour!


mark b said...

Damn, that's $45.50 total per hr, Conway corporate are you guys that stupid to preach this? That UPS don't want this anymore

Anonymous said...

Plus, as a driver for coway in dallas we don't have no pension plan anymore. We are left with nothing. It's time to join.

Anonymous said...

NO RIGHT CHOICE FOR DRIVERS. If you have an accident its still your fault no matter what happened. If you hit a trash can in the dock with your folklift its an accident on you. If you scab another forklift just by going slowly its an accident. Everything is your fault. I just dont get it.

Anonymous said...

(ULX Former employee)

Even if union fees provided only job security that in itself is worth every dollar of it. Conway makes rules and policys that sooner or later everyone is bound to make a mistake and that way Conway can get rid of them and replace them with new lower paid employees saving them money in the end.

Wichita Falls said...

As a former Conway employee I am thrilled to now be a abf employee. Being part of a company that actually cares about me is unbelievable. The differences comparing Wages are like apples and oranges. At Abf I get Teamster Union Scale our full-scale wage is $20.70/hour and will increase to $24.25 during the life of the contract (04/01/13). Over-the-road mileage rate is .52025 and will increase to .6090 over the life of the contract (04/01/13) new hires to top rate within 3 years. Medical benefits provided through multi-employer sponsored health and welfare fund at no cost .at ABF the healthcare for a family of 4 or 5 cost $ 0.00,I know Conway’s healthcare for a family of 4 cost $105/week,a family of 5 cost $125 or more per week. Union fees not only provide job security, it also provide excellent healthcare & retirement benefits.

Anonymous said...

Amen on that Wichita falls driver. Now you know what we are fighting for. from these greedy ceo's who have their own contract and can retire early.

Anonymous said...


After posting a comment about my prounion views and Conways ULX terminal in October, my name was added to a list of former employees that are not to be allowed on ULX proprty not that I would want to go there again. Also another linehaul veteran from ULX has been suspended pending termination, wake up drivers no one is safe from getting fired.

Anonymous said...

Damit,what is going on in lax. Keep low dont spark the fire up. Do the best until the cavary gets there.

Anonymous said...

CON WAY IS JUST GETTING WORST !!! I'm one of the safety guys , DON ANDERSON FROM FONTANA TERMINAL is telling us all these ugly things that are to come for all driver . IT'S TIME TO JOIN !!!!