Thursday, February 15, 2018

It's Good To Be A Teamster !

These tractors are on loan to our Stockton terminal. Notice that the on board camera's are covered. Since Stockton is a Teamster yard, and they are in negotiations FedEx cannot use them until a contract is in place.

Also Stockton is very busy. They have hired new drivers. Remember during the anti union campaign Fedex said if a terminal voted  for Union representaion that they would lose work and move work away from that terminal? 

Just a good example of the company's LIES and Fake News!


Anonymous said...

I have a few questions for the people on the fence with joining a union. What would be the harm in joining a union? What is so bad about a union? What has a union done or hasn’t done for you? Is joining a union going to be a worse than you current situation? Seriously explain what is so bad about a union

Anonymous said...

this may be a good answer to the question on this article:
we need to work hard to educate our coworkers, corporate leaders spend lots of money on union busters to divide us.

The answer lies in the nation's outmoded labor laws. U.S. labor laws, passed in the 1930s, sound on the face of it like a democratic process: They are set up so workers at a jobsite vote in secret ballot elections to determine if there's enough support to join a union.

But the reality is more complex. The so-called election process (run by the National Labor Relations Board, NLRB) enables employers to routinely harass, intimidate and coerce workers who try to exercise their freedom to form a union at work. By the time they vote in NLRB elections on whether to join a union, many employees have been forced to sit in captive audience meetings where employers paint a picture of unions so evil, they defy even the worst stereotype. The lengthy NLRB election process gives employers lots of time to harass workers--who receive veiled threats of demotion or lousy job assignments or are badgered by supervisors who even are followed to the restroom by their supervisors. Studies by Cornell University Prof. Kate Bronfenbrenner show 78 percent of private-sector employers require supervisors deliver anti-union messages to workers they oversee.

And in many cases, when workers cast their ballots, they fear if they vote in favor of joining a union, they will lose their jobs. It's illegal, but 25 percent of private-sector employers fire workers who try to form a union. And many more threaten workers with closings, layoffs and outsourcing.

Anonymous said...

Movement in XHG growing,one on one meetings, let’s get wise and organize

Anonymous said...

Dis fool gonna put my name out there calling me out for getting dwi? No I didn't dude. That's a lie and u no it. It was open container law. And they even told me I was allowed work the dock. U already new this and u spreedin lies man calling my name out. Dis is sum bullshit man