Friday, October 5, 2012

This is what we union THUGS do when Catholic Charities needs help

We fill their trailers with donations and then we drive them to Northern Maine. Maine Teamster THUGS (Those Helpful Union Guys and Gals) are coordinating with Catholic Charities to get two trailers from southern to northern Maine next week, carrying donations to benefit those in need. The Joint Council 10 truck will do the hauling. Here's an email from a grateful Dixie Shaw, program director for Maine Catholic Charities Home Supplies & Food Bank: This is the second happy dance this year thanks to the Teamsters! First we had the record- breaking food collection that the Teamsters did in July and now a mere two months and two weeks later! Another happy dance as you all come to the rescue of our poor often forgotten County up here at the top of Maine!!!! I had such a challenge ahead of me. We received some grant money to purchase two trailers which we got in Scarborough for a great deal but now we needed to get them to the County! I called all my resources, some of my personal friends with trucks, you name it, and I pretty much had tried it until last Saturday when who should happen in my path but Traci Place and Teamsters Local 340. I thought, hmmmm I wonder? Well now you look! We have a coordinated effort that not one but both of the trailers will be hauled back to the County by the Joint Council’s beautiful truck. Everything we do is to ultimately Feed The County and this is a BIG DEAL to us. Thank you Teamsters 340 for all you have done for the people of Aroostook County.

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