Saturday, May 12, 2012

Setting the record straight!

Hey peewee long haul driver from Dallas, TX think twice if you’re against the union. You’re actually not saving up for retirement; your pension plan has been taken away by upper guys. Your sweat hard working vacation taken away again by those greedy ceo’s who are guaranteed 120% double their salary every year, just then your manager and supervisors received in behalf of you a free paid extra vacation week. Must be nice to feel dump by them ceo’s huh so think clearly next time buddy. And sweat your ass for what reason?


beerfd-up said...

Peewee most be happy. As long as he gets his run, he's a happy camper. wait till he gets his run cut or an independent driver take his run, you'll see peewee whine like a baby asking why line haul cut his run.

Anonymous said...

From new york. that driver from dallas,tx must be a moran to be working free. He is one of those guys that love to be brainwashed.