Monday, June 23, 2014

Federal board accuses port trucking firm of labor law violations

The federal government has accused a trucking company in Carson of more than 50 labor law violations, including firing drivers for union activity, retaliating against pro-labor employees and planting an anti-union operative amid its workforce.

The National Labor Relations Board lodged the complaint Wednesday against Green Fleet Systems, a firm that employs about 150 truck drivers who haul cargo containers to and from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The NLRB's extensive allegations indicate that the company set out to destroy the lawful union organizing effort of its drivers.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Un-lean Program

One basic right with a union is respect on the job. That's something that is lacking at Conway. Fontana, CA manager Patrick Touhy recently threatened an employee. He told the employee that he can "make him disappear." Did he mean by termination or did he mean something else? If the tables were turned and one of us said the same thing, they wouldn't hesitate to call police. Now, this should be investigated by the company. They talk about respect and zero-tolerance on violence. Well, what could be expected? They would definitely approve of Patrick's actions and encourage this type of behavior. With a union this wouldn't be tolerated and there would surely be a business agent called in to stick his foot up Patrick's ass. Since we don't have a union we can expect Patrick to continue his abuse of employees and someday land a promotion like David Herrera. David is now a manager at UOR and drivers complained about him abusing his authority when he was an FOM at USB. He's up to his old tricks now at the Orange, CA terminal. David is in violation of labor laws by telling employees that Conway will find out which employees singed union cards and that they will be terminated. He's also telling employees that other have been forced to sign union cards. We need to stay on top of these cockroaches and keep outing them on their violations.