Thursday, October 23, 2014

Downtown LA (ULX) WON Election

Ulx Terminal won election, we were short on ula and ufv we will learn from this do not despair we have many more opportunities to make a stand.knowledge and wisdom is gained by experience and experience is learned by our failures.lets support and help our brothers and sisters in New Hampshire win their election on November 13.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Harlingen Texas (LHG) Files For Union Representation

Congrats to the driver of Harlingen Tx (LHG) for filing their petition for UNION representation

An Open Letter To Greg Lehmkuhl and Neil Smith

Greg & Neil
In your latest propaganda letter ( Guarantees ) handed to us last night you state that the union has spread negative rumors about our future. We want to know what the FUCK you talking about?? The union has never spread negative rumors, they have never promised anything but the chance to negotiate a CONTRACT. Something BOTH of you have with Conway Freight Inc. Why are you trying to deny us that right ???

The union has never told us that the company will fire us, lay us off, or disciplined for supporting or opposing the union, in fact they informed us that we a PROTECTED by federal rights to organize a union at Conway. The only threats of firings, discipline or layoff are coming from your management team and the non-union supporters they have sent to spread that fear and intimidation.

We can all laugh at you for this one! YOU can guarantee that we will be treated with DIGNITY AND RESPECT !!!! You come in from the marble palace for a few days and know what the daily operation of our service centers are ???  We all know that these morons running our centers DO NOT treat us with DIGNITY AND RESPECT !!!

We are glad you "guarantee" that the wages YOU promised the DRIVERS will be implemented in  2015. But why weren't the dock workers included in that wage increase? And why didn't you guarantee that our hours are not going to be cut, or our health care won't be increased ??? You think we don't know that you can guarantee all these things but it's not a legal binding contract!!! Why didn't you have it notarized ??? We know the bullshit your trying to feed us!

And WE WILL ALL be glad to pay union dues for the DIGNITY AND RESPECT you claim we have now.

Can YOU guys guarantee that you will still BE EMPLOYED by Conway Freight Inc. to abide by your signed guarantee ??  Your signatures won't mean shit if you guys get fired or choose to take your golden parachute! Why don't you save the ink and negotiate a good contract with the Teamsters and put those signatures in a TEAMSTER CONTRACT!

A CONTRACT is a legal binding document that you can't back out of regardless if you guys get fired, a contract will stand regardless.

A CONTRACT will guarantee that you will treat us with DIGNITY AND RESPECT!

A CONTRACT will guarantee that our wages will not be taken away and will only increase from the 27.10 that you have GUARANTEED!

                                                   WE WANT A UNION CONTRACT
                                                            "we won't settle for less"

Monday, October 20, 2014

UIV Irvine Ca, Files For Union Representation!!

Congrats to the Irvine California terminal on they're filling for Teamster representation today....
More terminals to follow!   MANY MORE !!  

Congratulations Miami for your Courage

Today Teamsters Local 769 has filed a petition to organize the Conway Freight employees at
the Miami location.
“Following the successful organizing of the Conway Freight in Laredo Texas and the three
elections slated for later this week in California. we see a wave of organizing activity within this
company.”, said Teamsters Local 769 President and Principal Officer Mike Scott.
The employees recognize the strength of Teamsters bargaining power and want to be part of
our team.