Friday, September 19, 2014

Outing The Rats at ULX

Paul Styers and his henchmen have done it again. They are out spreading lies about the union. Steyers' lead liar and master kiss-ass, Ramsy Robles are deceiving employees regarding the union. They are reaching into their bag of tricks and pulling out some of the most common lies. Stating that with a union in place, we would be paying for ABF and YRC pensions, that ABF and YRC drivers can come to Conway and dovetail into the roster with their company seniority. They need to be a little more original, these are old, tired, and frankly just lazy lies. We don't expect any less of Paul Styers, he is a known liar and bigot. He's not fit to be a manager with his dirty tricks. As for Ramsy Robles, he is a lazy employee that is only kept around because he does Steyers' dirty work. As we continue to push forward with our efforts we will be outing any employees that are knowingly lying about the union. If they can go around spreading lies, then they can proudly look at their names here and stand behind their words and actions. Out with the rats!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Con-Way Freight Workers in Texas Join Teamsters Local 657

On September 12, 2014, drivers and dockworkers at Con-Way Freight in Laredo, Texas voted to join Teamsters Local 657.
“This is a great victory for the workers at Con-Way and we hope this campaign spreads,” said Frank Perkins, President of San Antonio-based Local 657. “These workers are seeking fair wages, respect on the job and job security. They also want to have a pension and improved health care coverage.”
There are 113 workers in the bargaining unit.
“We chose Laredo because it is the busiest inland port in the United States,” Perkins said. “Seven thousand trucks cross the border with Mexico every day.”
On September 9, Teamsters Joint Council 42 in Southern California filed for election at three Con-Way terminals.


Teamsters Score a major Victory in Laredo, TX. Congratulations to Conway employees in Laredo Who voted for union representation

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Conway's Ceo Anti-union Meeting

The teamsters have viewed the video and I hear they will be filing a law suit for slander. Conway management should also be sued for breaking the twenty-four hour law before an election, which is a lack of respect for the law.  The day before the election, Conway management held multiple meetings with dock workers and also one on one meetings with drivers, in order to influence their votes.  They were also following drivers around the yard, showing them a copy of the voting ballots, and telling them to vote "No".  Don't let these scripted lies influence your vote.  Vote "Yes".

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daddy's Angry

President of Con-Way Freight Inc, Gregory Lehmkuhl, said today that Laredo is divorcing Con-Way by going union and threatens that they are going to be alone. He goes on to say that Con-Way makes mistakes, but they won’t make any changes and won’t make it easy for them to negotiate! You don’t want change? You won’t be negotiating? What a perfect analogy you made Mr. Lehmkuhl, to suggest Laredo is “divorcing” Con-Way. This IS an abusive relationship and we are tired of the battered wife syndrome. You abuse us and then turn around and try to placate us with food and empty promises! Here is the truth, Laredo is not alone. 3 terminals in So Ca. have filed for petition with the NRLB. And 3 more are also filing in CA, not counting Northern CA. 7 states, with different terminals, will be petitioning for change soon. Just like a battered wife, we have a mediator to advocate on our behalf. We are going to keep fighting for our rights!