Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pension Plan vs. 401K

This comes from a Teamster that has accumulated 8 years in a pension plan. Notice that he has accumulated close to $12,000 a year upon his retirement. Meaning that if he chose to stop working for this union carrier right now, he would get $12,000 a year once he meets requirements and decides to retire. This employee will keep putting more money into his pension and should he keep employed and get to a 30-year career he could retire with close to $40,000 a year coming in after retirement. How's that 401k looking now?????

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Meet a manager from Conway going by (beerfd) on Truckingboards

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I should hope that it's EACH driver. You really shouldn't be here posting about a company you've never worked at or know anything about. But, go ahead post all you like, it's a free country..nothing is going to change by what you post.
You're really a fool for a manager of Conway!
You know I've worked for FedEx because some of your Conway Whiz-kids managers work for FedEx and keep taps of what's going over at FedEx and Conway too!
My real full name is my credential of who Am I and can identify my past history of employment with Viking/FedEx!
But you beerfd are a coward manager and a lair of Conway, why I say this?
If you're so proud of pretending to be an employee of how Conway treats you and especially you so good, then you wouldn't hide behind the computer with A computer handle name.
If you're proud of Conway, you would put your real name and show Conway your loyalty and earn yourBANANA WASHING POINTS!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Race Game

Laredo, TX employees recently signed cards to petition the NLRB for union representation. The LSX terminal in San Antonio held a meeting with their employees to tell them that the employees at Laredo who signed cards didn't know what they were signing because they don't know how to speak, write, or read english. They're trying to play the race card to persuade their own employees not to do the same thing. Conway is scum and we must remember that when they spew their lies. This is not an issue to do with race, this is an economic issue. This is about us fighting back against Conway's corporate greed. Let's keep this in mind when we vote at Laredo on September 12th.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

LAREDO, TX Voting for UNION Representation

Good news for our movement! Next month the Laredo, TX terminal will have an election to gain union representation! It's taken a long time to get to this point but we are here. This is the time when we have to be the strongest. Conway will come out in full force to try and sway our votes. They will sweet talk us, say they will give us the world, heck, and they might even offer us money to vote the union down. These are all false promises. If we fall for their lies and don't vote the union in, we can expect them to clean house and most of us will be out of work. We are not alone in this fight; a FedEx Freight terminal in New Jersey is also going to be voting soon. They're in the same boat as we are. This is the start of something big at both companies! Time to start taking back what is ours!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Laredo, TX Filed for Union Recognition

Laredo, TX is more than just another terminal for Conway. It's one of the busiest and most profitable in the system. They move up to 1,200 shipments per day and generate 6% of profit for the company. So how can a company that makes so much money and has their employees produce at record rates not be sharing the wealth with the people that make it happen? Every year, we are producing more and getting less compensation. They may make it appear that we get raises, but whatever they do give us, they take away from somewhere else. In the last quarter Conway made over $40 million in profits. Yet, they can't provide cheaper medical benefits for us, they can't provide a pension, they can't even provide full-time jobs anymore. We get treated as if we were working in a third-world country. Laredo is the front line of the union movement at Conway! This past friday they sent a petition to the NLRB to gain union recognition. That same day the drivers out of Laredo that ran to San Antonio FAC were segregated from the other drivers. They are trying to contain the movement, they don't want Laredo drivers to inform employees from other terminals. It's okay, they will get informed and once business is taken care of at Laredo, the other terminals will be clamoring to have a union just like Laredo!