It seems the same people who set up the "rules and guidelines" at 
Fed Ex Freight all came from
the company as we ALL know as Conway. Conway is now under fire
by the courts for breaking the labor law(s) regarding unpaid events
by not paying for work preformed by their employees, and the list goes on.
We at FedExFreight know when
the take over was made by American Freightways that our competitor Conway 
was right in the middle of our business rules and practices we have today. We 
at what now is known is Fed ex Freight warned management about 
all the poor business practices that were installed in "Conway's" way of doing 
Now to fast forward again, we have many people who have stepped up
and spoke out against illegal rules and regulations put in place. One person I
know comes to mind on speaking out for all employees rights and takes no 
credit for winning a multiple million dollar lawsuit against Fed Ex Freight.
Mr. Roy Taylor stood up for the rights of all drivers at Fed Ex Freight in a 
long battle where FedExFreight lost and the employees won in court due to 
Roy's pursuit for justice at our work place. So here we are again. 
Conway's employees with assistance of Mr. Roy Taylor filed a lawsuit in 
behalf of their employees to only have the judge clearly side for the Conway 
employees on wrongful and unlawful work policies and procedures.
This my friends only leads to more legal battles for all freight companies
and yes including FedExFreight. Mr. Roy Taylor has stepped again in our 
behalf as yet more legal problems mount for FedEx. One would think that 
our beloved company would have learned from the millions of dollars lost
in the courts to Mr. Taylor the last time that things would change. Years 
and years of painful fedex legal bills and paying above and beyond for laws
broken by our company is now again in the wallet of fedex. 

If any of you have observed wrongful or unlawful business practices at 
fedexfreight please contact me by posting to this thread. 

Illegal signs to look for.
example 1.
Have any of you when broken down were forced to "take your lunch" 
while on a breakdown? Yes drivers that is illegal unless you have what 
is called a "paid lunch".
example 2.
Have any of you while on a road delay been told "you have to be there 
at least15 minutes before you can charge for delay pay? if not call back 
in 15 minutes." This too is a paid event and is illegal.

Please share your thoughts on these or any other issues you may have.
Meanwhile Mr. Taylor is currently in another legal battle for your rights 
as an employee. 

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