Monday, January 14, 2013

Conway Vs YRC

I've been hearing rumblings about the difference between Conway and YRC. And I can honestly say that there are major differences. Even though Conway employees get a little more an hour than YRC, they pay nothing, zero, NADA for their health insurance. They pay 20 dollars a doctor visit for Kaiser, if they have to go to the ER they pay 100 dollars and if they are admitted they pay ZERO... Conway employees pay for a family of 4 about 130 dollars a week.... WOW!!! That's 520 a month.

YRC employees have a Teamster 401k. The company adds 1.75 an hour into the plan and the employees have a 25% stake in the company. I'm not saying that the 401k is the greatest thing compared to the pension but at least it's something. But the best thing about YRC is that the employees still have the protection of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and the company just can't do what they please like they do with Conway.

Conway employees get paid $22.65 an hour and YRC gets around $20 an hour. Factor in what Conway employees pay for health care weekly, then the hourly wage goes down. YRC employees would actually be paid more hourly than Conway employees.