Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don't Blame the Unions

Non-union companies lie to employees about union companies that are in distress or that have gone out of business. They typically will tell the employee that union demands cripple the company and that union bosses make business decisions for the company. So the union is the sole cause of the a company going under. Of course, it is not true. As in the case of YRC. Corporate greed, risky investments and incomprehensible financial decisions are what has put YRC in the hole they find themselves in. Their executive pay and bonuses didn't help matters either. The union didn't make them purchase other companies nor did they write the checks at YRC. Unions have served a great purpose for all workers in general. It is thanks to unions that we have a better standard of living, a minimum wage, a forty hour work week, benefit packages, and retirement plans. The company will have you believe that they give you all this out of the goodness of their heart. The reason they give you this is to keep up with unions so that the workers won't feel the need to go union. Many labor leaders and union members have lost their lives fighting for all that workers have today.


Anonymous said...

You hear that you Carolina fucken sell out stop your lying you cheap bastard. When i was at GI we Kept that crappy company alive and then Abf took over and dove tailed all the union workers and got rid of all that shitty Carolina Management.and you asshole were one of those crappy assholes they Conway claims you and there workers are unhappy.Shame on you Conway telling us that your gonna spend 18million on are insurance you should pay all of it and not charge us a dime..Hell are company made 80 million for the quarter.

Rainman said...

Organizing Workshop! To all Union and Non Union workers intrested in Organizing or to help organize the Un-Represented workers. Date Sunday January 8,2012 Time 8:30am to 11:00am Place Teamsters Local 952 address 140 S. Marks Way Orange Ca. See you there and Happy Holidays.