Monday, November 4, 2013

LTL Gains Push Con-way Profit Up 21 Percent

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Anonymous said...

Well, of course their profits are up.Are you surprised by this? Think about it. Your pensions are gone! Your health insurance cost are up.Why wouldn't their profits be up? They have more of your money to play with. If you have profits made from the sweat off another mans back it's easy to say spend this , cut that, buy this, buy that. You all work in a pressure cooker and are being micro managed by a bunch of greedy book worms who wouldn't know what an honest days work felt like.WAKE UP PEOPLE!Corporate greed is all this is. They used the poor economy excuse to rob you of your wages, pensions and health insurance coverage just to line their own pockets. Now that the economy is getting better and their profits are up, where is your share? Have they returned the 401k match? When is that last time you have received a merit raise? Have they lowered your health insurance premiums or co-pays? They pride themselves in staying within industry standards in regards to pay scale. They should't feel too proud. Industry standards are poor to begin with. What about rising above that crap and considering the fact that human beings work for them. People with real families who have real problems with real health issues and real financial hardships who could use some real pay raises and great health care and a really great retirement plan.If you don't think being in a union is essential to your human rights your health and wages, think again! Why do you think they were formed in the first place? Each one of you has a relative some where who stood on a picket line and went without pay and risked everything to insure your future rights. You have all just forgotten about their sacrifices.