Sunday, September 15, 2013

Conway is watching and listening

Conway has stated that the new cameras they are putting in the tractors will be monitored by a third-party. First of all, they must think we are stupid to believe that they are going to pay a third-party to do something that they could easily do themselves. Second, they've put a sleazy scumbag in charge of monitoring the cameras at our yard. This scumbag used to be a driver and now that he's management he thinks he's on top of the world. Well, this man is of the opinion that any accident should lead to termination. Things like dragging the landing gear, something that is often necessary, in this opinion deserves a termination. Dropping a trailer in the yard, a common mistake and an even more common mechanical issue, also deserves termination. Unfortunately with the new cameras they will be monitoring for dragging landing gears with the sound on the camera. Conway is out of control with this. Furthermore, I don't feel comfortable with these scum bugs being able to listen in on private conversations. The first step to getting this kind of garbage thrown out is to organize. Remember, it's our choice whether we want to be union or not. Not Conway, but ours!


Anonymous said...

i agree.

Joe Nuno said...

I personally think that Conway is violating your privacy act, what rights does Conway hold to listen to your personal conversation?
Or even just hearing your conversation with your significant other about your bank accounts and maybe passing your pass codes.
Now especially that Conway management disclose that a third party will monitor all this, how the hell will I know if this party has been background check, what makes you think the people who work for this third party are not criminals from the past.
What guarantees do you have from Conway Corporate, if your identities is stolen from this third party who are hearing your personal information?
My honest opinion is if they are going to recorded our everyday status and conversation, is to install a warning red light on dashboard, this way when we see red light on, we will watch of our personal information of not leak to the wrong hands of a third party.